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Chandler, TX
email:  [email protected] (Note the 2 'm' s) 
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If you have seen a piece you like anywhere within this web site and interested with having a similar piece done for you, please call (817-907-3320) or email (hellen[email protected]) me to discuss.  Colors and design can be adjusted to match your decor or taste.  Please keep in mind that no two pieces will be exactly the same.
Methods of Payment

Option 1:  Credit Card  service - I take Visa, Master Card, Discovery, and American Express.  Send me an email to  ([email protected])  with your phone number, and I will call you back as soon as possible.  If you prefer, please feel free to call me (817-907-3320), and we can process your order over the phone.
Option 2:  Checks - Mail me a personal check, money order, or cashier's check to the following address but allow 5 days for the personal check to clear the bank.  Returned check fee is $25.  
Hellen M. Martin
2121 Hickory Hollow Rd.
Chandler, TX 75758
Option 3:  PayPal - Click Button to purchase. I can send you a PayPal Invoice.for any additional fees such as shipping and Insurance.  This must be paid prior to me shipping merchandise.
Title:  Out of the Mist
Size:  10 1/2" Tall 
           9 1/3" wide
Price:  $325.00
The designs within this web site are original designs of Hellen Martin.  
Under NO circumstances may they be used or reproduced in any form.
Title:  Maidens at Sunset
Size:  7 3/4" Tall
          13" Wide

Title:  Rowdy Bucks Playing
Size:  10" Tall
          12" Wide

Shopping Cart 
Paintings by Hellen ®  Chandler,TX 75758
Title:  Yellow Rose of Texas
Size:  10" Tall
          12" Diameter
Price:  $280.00
Title:  Serenity
Size:  12 1/2" Tall
           8" Wide
Price:  $500.00
Title:  Warriors & Maidens
Size: apx 12" Tall
          apx 12" Wide
Price:  $595.00
Title:  Honoring Hopi Artists
Size:  10' Tall 
          10 1/4" Wide
​Price:  $450.00
Title: Simply Western
Size:  8" tall
          10 1/2" wide
Price:  $185.00
Title:  I'm a Little Bit
Size:  9" Tall
           7 1/2 " Wide
​Price:  $275.00
Title:  Western Elegance
Size:  14" Tall
           10 " Wide
​Price:  $695.00
Title: Home on the Range
Size:  13 1/2" tall
          11 1/2" wide


It's very hard to calculate the shipping fee .   The fees charged are estimates.  You will only be charged the ACTUAL shipping fee.
o  PayPal Orders: 
    1)  I will credit your PayPal account the amount over the actual shipping fee plus insurance.  You will received an email letting you           know the amount.  If the shipping fee is less that charged, you will be sent an PayPal Invoice for the additional fee plus                         insurance cost if you wish to have it.  I strongly suggest you agree to having insurance.
o  Credit Card Orders:  Your credit card will be charged for the piece prior to shipping.    When it is actually shipped, I will charge your credit card the difference of the shipping and insurance you've paid.   I will send you an email letting you know the amount. 
Returned Art Policy

If you decided you want to return the piece you purchased, call:
Hellen Martin
within 15 days upon her mailing you the piece, not 15 days upon you receiving the piece, to discuss.  DO NOT MAIL THE PIECE BACK TO Me without!  It's during this call, I will discuss your issues with the piece, returning the piece to her, and reimbursing you.

If you have any questions about this policy, please call Hellen Martin. 
[email protected]
Note the 2 'm's
Title:  Pots for Sale
Size:  Small
Price:  $195.00
Title:  With a Western
Size:  Tall
Price:  $195.00
Title: Russian Cutie
Size:  7" wide
          5 1/2" tall
Price:  $175.00
Title:  Piney Woods
Size:  6 1/2" tall
          8" wide
Price:  $145.00
Title:  It's Spring
Size:  9 1/2" tall
          8" wide
Price:  $150.00
Title:  Pretty Lady
Size:  7" tall
          8 1/2" wide
Price:  $225.00  
Title:  Catch All
Size:  1 1/4" tall
          6 1/2" wide
Price:  $185.00  
Title:  It's Country
Size:  Small
Price:  $95.00
Title:  Southwest Sisters
Size:  12 1/2" tall
           15 1/2" wide

Gold Leaf Gallery
4518 South Broadway
Tyler, TX 75703
Phone:  903-597-2645
Owner/Designer:  Traci Brevard  (cell:  903-316-7316)

Please contact gallery to purchase 
Title:  Autumn Leaves
Size:  5 3/4" Tall
          7" Wide
1st Plce - Painting
 2018 Texas State Fair
Title:  Pretty Maidens  Dancing 
           in a Circle
Size:  8 1/2" tall
         13" wide
Price:  $1,100.00
Title:  Ode to Roses
Size:  15" Tall
          10" Wide

1st Place- Woodburning/Carving
2018 Texas State Fair 
Title:  Western Swing
Size:  9" tall
          10 1/2"  wide
Price:  $585.00
Title:  The Boss
Size:  11" Tall 
          8 1/2"  wide
Price:  $240.00
Title:  Is Autumn Here?
Size:  6 1/2" tall
​          7 1/2" wide
Price:  $225.00
Title:  On The Wild Side
Size:  7" Tall
          7" Wide
Elk - Royal Wapiti
Title:  Royal Wapiti
Size:  8 1/2' Tall 
          10 " Wide
​Price:  $670.00